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Free death search of our UK mortality database. Search well over of 6 million UK death records which in many cases will detail the last known place of residence of the deceased and the actual day, month and year of recorded death. In many death records a full date of birth for the deceased is recorded. Tracing a death record is especially important to those members of the public or professional genealogists engaged in family history or probate investigations.

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Please check for all address property sale ( England & Wales) from 1995 to current Month by simply entering a postcode and check the property sales records as supplied by HMG land registry - All records are crown copyrighted

Death Search, our death records are for the entire UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and the Channel Islands. We always try to include the exact date of death and the last known place of residence within our death search results. Unlike other family history websites, we make no charge for using our death search tool.