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494,000,000 People


35,000,000 Telephone Numbers


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UK Property Sales

Please check for all address property sale ( England & Wales) from 1995 to current Month by simply entering a postcode and check the property sales records as supplied by HMG land registry - All records are crown copyrighted

Find People UK Electoral Roll

Free Find people UK allows you to search for people using a Name, and Location based lookup. By typing in a Person's Name, age  and possible location, such as a region or leave free for a UK nationwide search.  If you need to find someone that you met many years ago at university or in the forces and all you know is their name, then our free people finder tools are for you. Find people address,landline,Mobile, email for free 

Find People UK Electoral Roll & Other Consented Data Sets

Free Search the electoral registers 1980 - 2016  for a person or persons by simply entering their name . Results can even be found for people who are ex-directory. Our full results also include Mobile and email address data

In addition to the electoral roll data set we have a consented database of people and address that will provide approximately 90% coverage of the United Kingdom population. 

We provide you with ability to search the electoral roll with a slight delay and adverts for free or via our sponsors instant paid service